Charleston Chair Newsletter

Quality Materials

quality-materials.jpgCharleston Chair spares no expense when it comes to the materials we use to craft our Adirondack Chairs.  Regardless of the style of chair, rest assured that it is made from responsibly harvested  premium grade lumber that has been kiln dried.  Making Adirondack Chairs from only kiln dried lumber is important for a variety of reasons.  To start with, any insects or eggs that are present are killed and any sap in resinous woods is driven out.  Through the kiln drying process, the moisture content in the wood is reduced to 12% or below.  This insures us and you that the wood will never warp or change shape as it air dries.  In addition, we use either Stainless Steel or Galvanized fasteners to assemble our Adirondack Chairs.  We want you to "relax" not worry about rusty screws!  Lastly, all of our finishes, whether paint, stain or oil are designed for extreme conditions and to extend the life of your Adirondack Chairs. 

Thanks for choosing Charleston Chair!!!